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Built Around Core Values

Greenhaus Construction was founded in 2021 by Steiner + Associates. The company exists around its core values: Get the Work Done, Care for All and Honestly + Transparency. These principles guide not only the way our team members approach projects but the way that they operate on a daily basis. Our vision is to deliver on our customers’ dreams while staying hungry, humble and smart. When you partner with Greenhaus, you will get a team of dedicated professionals that can solve the most complex construction challenges while staying focused on your goals.

Our familiarity with and expertise in all aspects of the construction phase – from the pre-development phase through project completion, in addition to the knowledge and experience of being developers sets us apart from others in our field. This is underscored by our deep relationship with Steiner + Associates, as well as the development background of our President, Dwayne Furukawa, and Vice President, Mitch Fry.

At Greenhaus, our experience helping clients navigate costing, planning, permitting and even design means we’re well positioned to assist clients through the complexities involved in the front-end of project development. Throughout the lifespan of a project, we keep our client’s goals in mind and those goals are reflected in the recommendations and decisions we make.

We wanted a construction company for our development projects because we did not often find contractors who could rise to the unique innovation challenges we often encounter. Our leadership team has the genius of tenacity: they will get it done!

Yaromir Steiner

CEO, Steiner + Associates

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